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Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation | Kristen

Jennifer's services were a gift from my Mom, and straight from heaven as far as I'm concerned! We hired her for placenta encapsulation and postpartum services, and she greatly eased my transition into becoming a mommy of two.

The placenta capsule service was awesome; the placenta was picked up promptly from the hospital and my capsules were done and delivered to my home a few short days later. They really helped with my milk supply and energy level! I was a skeptic, now a convert

Labor Support Testimonial

Labor Support | Ceara

My husband and I decided to change how we were going to experience pregnancy and childbirth with our second child.  I had met Jennifer though other mom events and when I found out she was a doula, I decided to look into what a doula does.  After our interview, we decided that Jen was the one for us.  I felt a connection with her from the beginning and my husband felt comfortable around her.

I loved that she was willing to answer as many questions as I could think to ask her.  She provided us with helpful information and resources.  She helped me look at my options and talk alternatives when I wasn't sure of certain procedures and policies mentioned.  She taught me alternative birth positions and positions to help with pain.  She also gave my husband insight on ways that he could be a huge support during delivery.  She made us feel comfortable and confident in ourselves.

When the time came, Jen helped guide myself and my husband through each contraction.  With both hers and my husband’s support, I could focus on breathing through and trusting my body.  I was extremely happy with every moment of Jen being my doula and I would recommend her to any expectant mother.

We also hired Jennifer for her placenta services and I am loving the capsules! I have noticed I have the energy to get through the day, in fact, I cut back the number I took because they were giving me a little too much energy. I feel like my hormones are in better control and I am very satisfied.

Placenta Encapsulation | Johanna

First of all, I was so impressed with her efficient service and willingness to come to the hospital to take the placenta in a timely manner. I really appreciated not having to worry about how I was going to transport it.  Additionally, she hand-delivered both the capsules and the tincture which was a wonderful service as well.  Most importantly, I was very happy with the results of taking the capsules.  They helped me immensely with recovery time and hormone balancing.  Overall, my experience with Placenta Encapsulation was a very positive one that I would recommend to any new mother.  

Thank you again, Jen, so much

Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation | Monica

Jennifer's placenta encapsulation service was easy, prompt, and professional. Her personal touch and the beautiful presentation were an added bonus to a wonderful service. Taking the placenta capsules made all the difference in my postpartum recovery. In the immediate days and weeks after giving birth, I noticed better energy, a faster recovery, and none of the weepiness that I experienced with my first baby. I recommend her to all my expectant friends.