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Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp | Rene Mierzejewski

As a birth doula and chiropractor myself, my husband and I still took Jennifer Valencia’s Birth Boot Camp and completely understood all interventions and devised our plan A (home birth), our plan B (hospital transfer for support) and our plan C (cesarean) if needed. 

I knew all the benefits and risks and stayed empowered and made every decision for my family consciously during my 48 labor. 
I followed all three of my plans in order and accepted interventions eight weeks ago and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy via cesarean section due to brow presentation (chin up). We remained safe and healthy through the entire labor because I educated and empowered myself prior and accepted and surrendered to the birth process and what interventions I needed to remain safe.

Regardless of your plan, educating yourself is the best thing you can do for your family. I highly recommend this class to every couple preparing for birth!

Thank You, Jen!

Labor Support Testimonial

Doula Support | Elizabeth Steiner

Jennifer was both our Birth Boot Camp instructor and our doula. She was amazing in helping us prepare for a VBAC. My husband and I knew we could count on her working with us towards our goal. She had recommendations as I needed them for chiropractors and others. Jennifer always had time to answer calls and help me feel prepared for the VBAC. Once labor started with an induction, she was ready to come to the hospital when we needed her. She was with us for most of the induction and she stayed until everything had calmed down. Jennifer has also worked with us to process the birth experience after our baby was born. I could not recommend her enough!

Birth Boot Camp

Childbirth Classes | Crystal Mears

I took childbirth classes with Jennifer before my son was born. Her knowledge surpassed anything I could have got from "Dr. Google". I did not have or want a completely natural birth but I learned so many other things from class that positively influenced my experience. I knew I wanted to start laboring on my own, and without interventions like pitocin, etc.; classes gave me the confidence and information I needed to have the birth I wanted! I strongly recommend taking Birth Boot Camp with Jennifer. It is truly eye opening and she is so supporting in giving you the tools and courage needed to achieve what you want for your birth.