Labor Support Testimonial

Doula Support | Nicole Imperial

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Jen through our Birth Boot Camp class as we prepared to birth our first child. Jen is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the process of pregnancy and labor but she is also super relatable, humorous when appropriate and has a very centered and calming presence.  So, naturally she was our first choice once we decided that we'd like to add a Doula to our birthing team.  I am SO glad that we did!  

Due to the general culture here in the US I'd always just assumed that I'd have a baby in the hospital and they'd give me an epidural for the pain.  Once I found out we were pregnant however, I began researching the process and re-framing what I wanted for my son's birth (based on my opinion-instead of the many opinions of others).  I decided on an un-medicated birth at a hospital with our OB and my husband and Jen there for support.  Jen was completely supportive of every choice we made and was there to help educate us without bias along the way. 

To my surprise, my labor couldn't have possibly gone better!  I was expecting a late and long labor like my mother(24hrs), I started going into labor 10 days early!  We called Jen in the morning and she reminded us what to look for. By the afternoon my contractions were 5-10 minutes apart.  We called Jen again and had her join us.  I truly believe that my labor (start to finish ~8hrs) was so smooth because of my mindset and the positive, nurturing support that Jen provided for both my husband and I.  In the heat of the moment she kept things calm and reminded us of things that would help.  In the hospital she also did a great job of watching out for us while respecting the staff.  I highly recommend Jen's Doula services!!!