Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp | Rene Mierzejewski

As a birth doula and chiropractor myself, my husband and I still took Jennifer Valencia’s Birth Boot Camp and completely understood all interventions and devised our plan A (home birth), our plan B (hospital transfer for support) and our plan C (cesarean) if needed. 

I knew all the benefits and risks and stayed empowered and made every decision for my family consciously during my 48 labor. 
I followed all three of my plans in order and accepted interventions eight weeks ago and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy via cesarean section due to brow presentation (chin up). We remained safe and healthy through the entire labor because I educated and empowered myself prior and accepted and surrendered to the birth process and what interventions I needed to remain safe.

Regardless of your plan, educating yourself is the best thing you can do for your family. I highly recommend this class to every couple preparing for birth!

Thank You, Jen!