Labor Support | Crystal

Jen was great!  I had a few weeks of prodomal labor including one pretty intense "false Labor" episode.  Jen came and put my kids to bed while I labored, helped me focus and kept me company until my husband got home.  She even stayed once my labor stoped just in case and tried to help me get it going again.  When the real thing finally happened she was there the whole time and she really helped me when it came to staying focused during contractions.  I'm really glad we chose to hire her and have her with us, even my mother and husband (both "doubters" when it came to my choice to have a doula) have both since commented what a great asset Jen was during labor.  No regrets!

Placenta Encapsulation | Johanna

First of all, I was so impressed with her efficient service and willingness to come to the hospital to take the placenta in a timely manner. I really appreciated not having to worry about how I was going to transport it.  Additionally, she hand-delivered both the capsules and the tincture which was a wonderful service as well.  Most importantly, I was very happy with the results of taking the capsules.  They helped me immensely with recovery time and hormone balancing.  Overall, my experience with Placenta Encapsulation was a very positive one that I would recommend to any new mother.  

Thank you again, Jen, so much

Labor Support Testimonial

Labor Support | Ksenia

My name is Ksenia and I had my baby in October 2013. I always wanted to do a natural birth so it was only logical to recruit support from doula. We interviewed a few candidates and we were so impressed with Jennifer that it was a no-brainer for us to choose her. One advise that I got when it comes down to hiring doula is that her personality is #1 thing to consider - you really have to click since giving birth is a very intimate experience. Jennifer has an amazing personality; she has this positive energy radiating from her and my husband and I immediately felt at ease and relaxed. She was my awesome cheerleader though the entire birth experience.

The other thing that really impressed us is that she showed up to the interview very prepared, collected and organized (which was a huge bonus in my eyes since I am very particular about having a plan and keeping things organized). She helped us with writing our birth plan and provided a lot of useful information about natural birthing.

Unfortunately, our birth plan did not work out and I ended up with a c-sec but I swear I would not make it as far as I made in natural unmedicated birthing without her. I lasted 10 hours (!!!) with strong contractions 1-2 minutes apart. This is NOT a normal scenario but I am saying this so you can have an idea of how the amazing support she is.

Even when the decision was made to perform a c-section, she was with me all the way, holding my hand, comforting me when my husband went with the baby. I could not see my baby for 30 minutes due to breathing problems - they were the longest 30 minutes of my life and I was incredibly grateful that I had Jennifer by my side during that time.

I absolutely recommend Jennifer if you are considering hiring her as your doula.

Labor Support Testimonial

Labor Support | Madara

Not only did Jennifer provide excellent support before our birth, she also helped me to realize I had a say in what I wanted during my birth and for my baby. She is very knowledgeable and informed about the practices that hospitals use and what the benefits and risks are. We had much resistance from the hospital about how we wanted our journey to unfold, but I felt better being informed. She was always attentive and very quick with information I asked for, hypnobirthing resources, and meeting my needs during labor. After birth she has been and still is there to answer all my questions regarding breastfeeding. I would highly recommend her to other women.

Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation | Monica

Jennifer's placenta encapsulation service was easy, prompt, and professional. Her personal touch and the beautiful presentation were an added bonus to a wonderful service. Taking the placenta capsules made all the difference in my postpartum recovery. In the immediate days and weeks after giving birth, I noticed better energy, a faster recovery, and none of the weepiness that I experienced with my first baby. I recommend her to all my expectant friends.

Labor Support Testimonial

Labor Support | Maia

My name is Maia, and I will start off by saying Jenn was totally and completely invaluable in my birthing experience! At 4 in the morning I woke up with what I thought was a stomachache, and within a few hours I was timing as contractions. When they became regular and close together, we called her and she drove over. By about noon things had seemed to stall out, but we took the break as a time to practice some counter pressure and other things that became very useful later! After awhile she went home to let us rest. At about midnight the night, things were back in full swing and she met us at the hospital. He still wasn’t born until almost 1 in the afternoon! I was totally exhausted, but she kept my spirits up with encouragement, and reminded me constantly to focus on my breathing, use "low tones", and almost had to make me move around, which really did help! She did a LOT of counter pressure, and massage, without which I don't think I could have had the completely natural birth that I did.

When he FINALLY was born, she helped me with breastfeeding for the first time, and stayed for a few hours until I was ready for her to leave. She came to meet him a week later, and calls me to see how we are all doing. If/when I have another child she will be the FIRST person I call, so she can be my doula again!

She loves what she does, and it shows! 5 stars, Jenn!

Labor Support Testimonial

Labor Support | Donna

My name is Donna Myers and I went into labor November 9th 2010 around 5:30 in the morning. I called Jennifer for support around 9 am, and before I knew it she was at my house by my side. The majority of my labor took place at my house until around 5 or 6 pm. Jennifer kept me concentrated on my breathing during contractions and I will never forget the verbal encouragement she provided. I kept those words in mind as the night wore on. I promised to myself that I would have an all natural birth and her caring words and attention to detail supported that journey.  Doula support was invaluable for me to have the unmedicated labor I desired.

I can’t thank her enough for her complete dedication to me on my very special day. Thank You Jennifer.