Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp | Rene Mierzejewski

As a birth doula and chiropractor myself, my husband and I still took Jennifer Valencia’s Birth Boot Camp and completely understood all interventions and devised our plan A (home birth), our plan B (hospital transfer for support) and our plan C (cesarean) if needed. 

I knew all the benefits and risks and stayed empowered and made every decision for my family consciously during my 48 labor. 
I followed all three of my plans in order and accepted interventions eight weeks ago and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy via cesarean section due to brow presentation (chin up). We remained safe and healthy through the entire labor because I educated and empowered myself prior and accepted and surrendered to the birth process and what interventions I needed to remain safe.

Regardless of your plan, educating yourself is the best thing you can do for your family. I highly recommend this class to every couple preparing for birth!

Thank You, Jen!

Labor Support Testimonial

Doula Support | Elizabeth Steiner

Jennifer was both our Birth Boot Camp instructor and our doula. She was amazing in helping us prepare for a VBAC. My husband and I knew we could count on her working with us towards our goal. She had recommendations as I needed them for chiropractors and others. Jennifer always had time to answer calls and help me feel prepared for the VBAC. Once labor started with an induction, she was ready to come to the hospital when we needed her. She was with us for most of the induction and she stayed until everything had calmed down. Jennifer has also worked with us to process the birth experience after our baby was born. I could not recommend her enough!

Consulting Services

eDoula Support | Jessica Karpensky

Jennifer was incredible. When I got pregnant and began to have severe issues with sickness, I reached out to Jennifer for support. She provided me with an abundance of information and a link to a support group! She continued to provide me with regular support and information regarding Hyperemesis Gravidarum that I was able to take to my doctor. The information she provided allowed for me to fight for the proper care that I deserved!

She was always amazing at listening to my needs and wants for my pregnancy and birth. If it was not for the support Jennifer offered me throughout my pregnancy, not only would I have ended up missing out on the birth I wanted, but I very well could have lost my baby through malnutrition, or through abortion, as my sickness took me to a very dark place. There are no words to describe how amazing this woman was and how invaluable she was to me during this experience!

Postpartum Support

Postpartum Support | Kristen

Jennifer is the greatest person, so full of energy and joy...and knowledge! She helped with everything from baby care to household chores and cooking...even became a lifelong friend of my 5 year old who enjoyed the extra attention. I seriously don't know what we would have done without her! Her services were a gift from my Mom, and straight from heaven as far as I'm concerned! She greatly eased my transition into becoming a mommy of two. I will recommend her amazing services to everyone I know, and I plan to keep this fabulous lady in my life for a very long time!

Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation | Kristen

Jennifer's services were a gift from my Mom, and straight from heaven as far as I'm concerned! We hired her for placenta encapsulation and postpartum services, and she greatly eased my transition into becoming a mommy of two.

The placenta capsule service was awesome; the placenta was picked up promptly from the hospital and my capsules were done and delivered to my home a few short days later. They really helped with my milk supply and energy level! I was a skeptic, now a convert

Birth Boot Camp

Childbirth Classes | Crystal Mears

I took childbirth classes with Jennifer before my son was born. Her knowledge surpassed anything I could have got from "Dr. Google". I did not have or want a completely natural birth but I learned so many other things from class that positively influenced my experience. I knew I wanted to start laboring on my own, and without interventions like pitocin, etc.; classes gave me the confidence and information I needed to have the birth I wanted! I strongly recommend taking Birth Boot Camp with Jennifer. It is truly eye opening and she is so supporting in giving you the tools and courage needed to achieve what you want for your birth. 

Labor Support Testimonial

Labor Support | Ceara

My husband and I decided to change how we were going to experience pregnancy and childbirth with our second child.  I had met Jennifer though other mom events and when I found out she was a doula, I decided to look into what a doula does.  After our interview, we decided that Jen was the one for us.  I felt a connection with her from the beginning and my husband felt comfortable around her.

I loved that she was willing to answer as many questions as I could think to ask her.  She provided us with helpful information and resources.  She helped me look at my options and talk alternatives when I wasn't sure of certain procedures and policies mentioned.  She taught me alternative birth positions and positions to help with pain.  She also gave my husband insight on ways that he could be a huge support during delivery.  She made us feel comfortable and confident in ourselves.

When the time came, Jen helped guide myself and my husband through each contraction.  With both hers and my husband’s support, I could focus on breathing through and trusting my body.  I was extremely happy with every moment of Jen being my doula and I would recommend her to any expectant mother.

We also hired Jennifer for her placenta services and I am loving the capsules! I have noticed I have the energy to get through the day, in fact, I cut back the number I took because they were giving me a little too much energy. I feel like my hormones are in better control and I am very satisfied.