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Professional Birth Support

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Doula care with Metropolitan Birth Support includes

  • Up to 2 prenatal visits to get to know one another and your desires for birth

    • Birth planning

    • Resources & information

    • Couples Preparation

    • Comfort Measures

    • and more

  • Continuous, experienced, and compassionate care during labor & birth for you and your partner

    • Emotional & physical support

    • Non-judgmental care

  • Basic breastfeeding support

  • Up to 2 postpartum visits to get you off to the best start

    • Birth story listening

    • Q & A

    • Newborn care

    • Family Transitioning

  • Coordinated Care with our professional perinatal team

  • A wealth of knowledge and referrals as requested

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Colorado Springs Doula
Colorado Springs Doula and Birth Support, Metro Birth

Additional Info

About Your Doula

Jennifer Valencia has been working with families throughout the perinatal period since 2010, and views pregnancy and childbirth as a tremendous life stage.  

"There are so many changes families face during pregnancy and when welcoming new life. Supporting families during this transition is of utmost importance to me."

In addition to Jennifer's doula training, her educational background lies in mental health and social services, with a focus on the dyad, family roles, and maternal-child health. Her compassionate doula support is available throughout Colorado Springs.

Many families ask.....

Should I Hire A Doula?

Why Not?! A doula is like a good insurance policy. A doula will be there for you if you need her, to answer questions, provide quiet confidence, create a more intimate birth experience, be an extra set of helpful hands, and more. As your doula, I will help you plan prenatally, I will fully support your choices without judgement, I will support both you AND your partner, I will work alongside other members of your birth team, and I will go on to help you transition after your baby is born.

Will A Doula Replace My Partner?

Labor Support Tip from Metro Birth Support

No Way! A doula works WITH your partner! Dads often end up being my best source of referrals because they are so glad they were able to experience the birth alongside their partners without worrying about the little details. I know birth, and as your doula, my role is to bring my knowledge and experience, as a valuable member of your birth team.

How Is A Doula Different Than My Care Providers?

A doula is a non-medical member of your birth team. As your doula, I work for you. I don't have to take time away from supporting you and taking care of your needs to do charting or any other task. I don't have any other patients to worry about during your birth, except for you. Doulas provide continuous support, meaning my shift doesn't end on a schedule. I'm there for you when you request my presence, until after your baby is born. And I don't leave right away, I take time to ensure you are settled and comfortable. Your OB or midwife is there to look after your medical well being, and that of your baby, a doula is present to look after your emotional well being. 

Where Do You Attend Births?

Birth Doula Support at home, in the hospital, and at birth centers for Colorado Springs families.

Birth Doula Support at home, in the hospital, and at birth centers for Colorado Springs families.

I attend births in any setting - hospital, birth center, and home. I primarily attend clients at Evans, Memorial Hospital Central, Memorial Hospital South, and St. Francis. On occasion, I will attend clients at Rose Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Denver Health, University Hospital, and Sky Ridge. I also will work with clients birthing at Mountain Midwifery, and Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.