What Do You Get When You Hire A Doula

Doulas are an investment. As with any investment, it's good to know what you are paying for. What do you get when you hire a doula?

should I hire a doula?

The number one thing you are paying for when you hire a doula is support; judgement free, agenda free, support.



At Metropolitan Birth Support you can count on sincere doulas who truly care about you and your family. When you hire your Metro Birth Doula, we take the time to get to know you, and truly connect. Relational support is our specialty. 



Your Metro Birth Doula has completed much training involving all things birth and family related. We have in depth understanding of the mental and emotional aspects of birth, and a plethora of tools for the physical aspects of birth.  



When you hire a doula, she works for you. She is dedicated to helping you, supporting you, and being there for you.



Isn't it great to know you have options!? Regardless of your birth plan, your doula comes equipped with pain management options to help you reach your goals. 

Pain Management 


With doula support, you gain confidence. Confidence  in your body, confidence in the birth process, and most of all, confidence in your choices. This confidence creates the opportunity for a more positive birth experience, regardless of any twists and turns. 




Your doula is commited to you and your experience. 


With a doula you build a relationship. Relational support is the key element of doula care that makes it so worth the investment. My goal is for you to feel valued, listened to, and respected.



We meet you where you are. We understand how tough pregnancy can be. We recognize the pain of labor. We know how hard postpartum can be. Doulas share those feelings with you, meet you where you are, and we are there for you. 



Think of a doula like a good insurance policy. We're there when you need us.



When you feel valued, respected, and listened to, you will have a more positive birth experience. Your postpartum begins with birth. Your Metro Birth Doula is trained to recognize and help you with early signs of postpartum depression. Having the appropriate support postpartum will ease your transition into motherhood and help you feel your best.

Less Baby Blues


A doula brings a special energy to birth and your postpartum days.



A doula holds space for you, becoming the calm, steady ground you need to stand on.

Calm Presence 


Many people describe hiring their doula as taking a breath of fresh air; inhaling the peace, exhaling the noise.




Rest assured that you are enough, that you are strong, that you are capable. 


A doula brings an unparalleled element of care and compassion.



We fully support you, your wishes, your plans, and your family. With Metropolitan Birth Support, you will feel that acceptance with each interaction you share. 



Doulas understand that birth plans change. And that's ok! We have the flexibility to support you no matter the path you take. 



With our advanced training, your doula brings her expertise in all things birth and baby to your door. 



When you invest in your birth with Metropolitan Birth Support, you know you are getting a professional doula who will provide the highest standards of care and support you desire. 



Our promise to you are doulas and services that go beyond the basics.



Relax and know, your doula will help you breathe easy, and get the rest you need. 



Your doula provides a deeper level of comfort and can help you cope emotionally and physically. 



With Metropolitan Birth Support, you can count on the highest quality of service and unbiased support.



We work with you, your provider, and other members of your birth and postpartum team, to provide the best support and facilitate effortless and efficient communication.