Merry Christmas

Our Real Holiday Newsletter, 2015

Each year we learn and each year we grow. And sometimes, we settle. I caught myself settling when I asked my 8 year old to feed the pets and was caught red handed doing it myself.  But it was easier!! Let me explain.

                Personalized coffee mug by The T Bird

                Personalized coffee mug by The T Bird

We have a large American Boxer, who when hungry, curls herself into the shape of a horseshoe and prances around like an awkward deer; scattering any toys that may have been left in her way and crushing your feet as she lands. And when the dogs are getting fed NOW, the cats will incessantly meow to be fed NOW. All before a morning cup of joe! So you see, it was just easier to do it myself than coax my 8 year old off of the iPad.

Wait a minute, didn't I just say this was all before my morning cup of coffee?  Yes, I did. Mommy confession No.2. I have succumbed to allowing screen time first thing in the morning (on non school days) just so I can have my coffee in peace! 

We welcomed a beautiful little girl this year. With her birth we learned so much. We learned to navigate the challenges of politics in birth, we learned to trust our intuition and make the choices that were best for us - even in the face of adversity, most importantly, we learned the importance of supportive friends and family and the beauty of undisturbed birth. You can read her birth story here.

In other updates,

climbing at jack's canyon

Joshua absolutely loved hiking and climbing this year with his friend Livy. We're still struggling with his distaste for foods. Currently on his short list of foods he will eat are figs and other fruits, pasta, pizza, and of course, candy. He still tells us "it's not working" when attempting to use the potty, so we have two in diapers, and two in our bed. 

Aden will be attending an online school this next semester - this will be a very interesting challenge for our family, but we'll enjoy having him home more and we are so grateful to no longer have the frantic mornings involved with attempting to get to school on time. He loves helping out with his siblings and is a wonderful big brother!

Annabelle is enjoying sucking on her toes and will be rolling over any day. We hope she enjoys dresses as much as she enjoys hiking with mom - only problem is every time I put her in one of those overly cute dresses, I take her out of it less than 5 minutes later! It's just too much for me.

In May, our whole family - myself, my husband, my ex, his wife, and all five of "our" children - are moving to Colorado. We are very much looking forward to living closer together and this exciting new adventure. We look forward to learning, growing, and settling (in the other context of the word), as we welcome 2016.

A big thanks to  Chronicker Photography  for photos with Santa and Plum Organics for this fun holiday newsletter - click the photo to make your own!

A big thanks to Chronicker Photography for photos with Santa and Plum Organics for this fun holiday newsletter - click the photo to make your own!

Happy Holidays, from our family to yours!

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