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Epidural, natural, cesarean, or something else? There's a lot to consider while planning for the birth you desire. Here are 5 ways your doula will support your birth!

  1. Regardless of your birth plan, your doula is an expert in birth and will support your goals
  2. Her expertise and compassion will.....
    1. Get you through transition
    2. Hold a leg, a hand, a cup of water, whatever you need
    3. Help you be comfortable
    4. Create a sense of peace and confidence
    5. Assist with labor positions
    6. Know what to do with a peanut ball
    7. Be a listening ear
    8. Ensure your partner feels equipped and supported
    9. And so much more!
  3. With a doula, you can rest assured that you will feel listened to, respected, and be 100% supported
  4. Doulas do not replace your partner. They support your partner. Doulas don't replace your friends or family members. Doulas bring a knowledge and confidence in birth, without the emotional tie and baggage, and work WITH those who love you to provide the best support possible. >>Learn More<<
  5. No matter your birth plan you, even if your plans change, your doula is there for you - She will be there prenatally to be a reassuring voice and answer questions. She will be there during labor creating a more intimate experience for you and your partner, where you feel 100% supported. She will help you achieve your goals, and support you without judgement if your plans change. She will continue to be there for you as you settle into your new life with a new baby. 

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Coming Soon: 5 Ways A Birth Class Will Help You Prepare