Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

A More Helpful, Confident Partner

Metropolitan Birth Support Doula Care INCLUDES childbirth education!

Time and time again, we see the benefits of childbirth classes in the birth room. And I want to bring ALL of those benefits to your BIRTHday celebration.

Imagine what it would feel like to be confident about going into labor. With childbirth education, you can be!

Imagine looking forward to the birth. With childbirth classes, you will! 

Imagine your partner feeling confident, prepared, and fully capable of providing the best support! With Birth Boot Camp, all these things are possible!

Image Courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Image Courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Colorado Springs families get professional birth support with Metro Birth AND your choice of birth class is included!

Birth Class Options

hospital birth class, colorado springs
planning for a home birth
comfort measures for labor, birth class colorado springs

Upgrade to the comprehensive class for only $100 more!

Totally worth it if you want both birth prep, but also baby prep!  In addition to all the great stuff you learn in the other classes, this class includes:

  • Prenatal Fitness & Nutrtion
  • Choosing a birth place & team that fit your needs & goals
  • Complete breastfeeding education
  • Newborn basics
  • Postpartum Wellness