5 Ways To Have A Healthier, More Comfortable Pregnancy

Take A Birth Class

Two AMAZING Birth Boot Camp classes include prenatal fitness and nutrition to help you stay low risk and have a more comfortable pregnancy! The Food & Fitness Program was designed especially for you by an expert in the field! Being healthy and low-risk will not only help you in the delivery room, but you will feel better during pregnancy, birth, and recover more quickly postpartum. Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive will prepare you on all levels - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The comprehensive class includes weekly fitness and nutritional focus to help you stay on track throughout pregnancy!


Receive Regular Chiropractic Care 

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In Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes we host a discussion with Dr. Kristin Hosaka on the affects of chiropractic care on pregnancy and birth. Dr. Kristen explains how chiropractic care restores the integrity of our nervous system and the lines of communication in the body. Furthermore, proper alignment allows joints to work smoothly together to create health and wellness. During pregnancy, this becomes even more profound. When the pelvis is properly balanced, women tend to have shorter, easier labors. Releasing the round ligaments can decrease discomfort in pregnancy and can allow baby to have room to be in the best position for birth. 


Practice Prenatal Yoga 

Image Courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Image Courtesy of Birth Boot Camp

Prenatal yoga gently incorporates flexibility, relaxation, strength, and breathing techniques, keeping pregnant women limber and toned, while improving balance and circulation. 

Tailor sitting, pictured here, is beneficial to pelvic floor health, by stretching the muscles in your thighs and pelvis and promotes good posture while stretching the back muscles. 




Get Pre-Birth Accupuncture

Source: AcuMassage Therapy Center, San Diego, California

Pre-Birth Acupuncture Care starting at 38 weeks can help prepare a mother's body for labor by... 

  • Helping with cervical ripening
  • Loosening up the ligaments in her pelvis 
  • Encouraging the baby descend into the pelvic floor for engagement purposes 
  • Increasing the chances of a pregnant mother going into labor naturally before 41 weeks 

Pre-Birth Acupuncture Care starting at 40+ weeks can turn an occipital posterior baby to help facilitate a more efficient and less painful labor. In regards to breech presentation, Nicholas Olow, a board certified and licensed Acupuncturist with over 10 years clinical experience specializing in prenatal, perinatal, postpartum acupuncture care, received this testimony,

After one treatment with Nick Olow, my baby moved into the correct position and prevented me from undergoing a c-section in order to have a natural childbirth experience. My husband and I are very grateful for Nick’s help and would highly recommend him without reservations!
— Andrea Yoder Clark - PhD

Enjoy Prenatal Massage

Source: Prenatal Massage Therapy

prenatal massage therapy

Women who receive frequent massage during pregnancy have reported better sleep, improved moods, and fewer complications with labor and birth. Therapeutic massage and bodywork helps to support the mother emotionally, with the release of hormones, as well as physically, improving uterine blood supply, reducing back pain, and relaxing the mother. Prenatal massage maximizes optimal fetal and maternal outcomes, and can reduce the length of labor and a number of complications, interventions, medications, and cesareans at birth.  Read more.