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We are proud to offer experienced, professional, and compassionate birth doula support for families in the Denver Metro area and Colorado Springs. Out clients receive non-judgmental support from highly trained doulas and perinatal professionals. 

Never having a child before left me in the dark on a lot of things such as hospital procedures, and even the birthing process. Maia wanted a completely natural birth, and I didn’t understand what that really meant. Having a doula provided clarity for our journey. It wasn’t until labor began that I realized how beneficial it was to have a doula. I am so thankful for having Jennifer there, her presence (and hard work) had such a large impact on the birth, and I would recommend a doula for anybody who is going to have a baby.
— Thomas
Image Courtesy of  Perfect Chance Photography

Image Courtesy of Perfect Chance Photography

Professional birth support with a doula means having the experience and wisdom of a compassionate woman, alongside the love of your partner, and the expertise of your provider. A doula provides continuous support in any birth setting - hospital, birth center, or home. With Metropolitan Birth Support, you can rest assured that your doula is trained and experienced, available to answer questions and build your confidence, and ready to support your personal journey with an exceptional level of care from the moment you hire her.

Doula Support in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs

Doula Care with Metropolitan Birth Support includes

  • Up to 2 prenatal visits
    • Birth planning
    • Build communication skills
    • Practice comfort measures
    • Resources & information
  • Continuous, experienced, and compassionate care during labor & birth for you and your partner
    • Emotional & physical support
    • Non-judgmental care
  • Basic breastfeeding support
  • Up to 2 postpartum visits to get you off to the best start
    • Birth story listening
    • Q & A
    • Newborn care
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