Made by you, for you; placenta encapsulation may enhance your postpartum wellness. These are some of the reported benefits of consumption.

Beyond the capsules, Metropolitan Birth Support offers full service postpartum support for our clients. After rendering placenta processing services with us, we offer a complimentary postpartum follow up. We care about our clients and your postpartum experience!

We are happy to provide placenta encapsulation and processing for clients in the Denver Metro area, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Jennifer’s placenta encapsulation service was easy, prompt, and professional. Her personal touch and the beautiful presentation were an added bonus to a wonderful service. Taking the placenta capsules made all the difference in my postpartum recovery. In the immediate days and weeks after giving birth, I noticed better energy, a faster recovery, and none of the weepiness that I experienced with my first baby. I recommend her to all my expectant friends.
— Monica
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Placenta Services

Our Encapsulation Package includes capsules prepared using the raw foods method, and a 2 oz tincture.

All services include cord keepsake & print if desired. 

A fresh smoothie may be requested by client's choosing in-home preparation.*

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We look forward to connecting. Call today and find out more about our postpartum wellness services in Colorado.

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Professional placenta processing for your postpartum wellness