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Our Encapsulation Package includes capsules prepared using the raw foods method, and a 2 oz tincture.

All services include cord keepsake & print if desired. 

A fresh smoothie may be requested by client's choosing in-home preparation.*

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Colorado Springs Placenta Encapsulation
Metro Birth Placenta Encapsulation, Colorado Springs

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For client's choosing in-home preparation or who are giving birth outside of the hospital, enjoy a smoothie while you wait for your capsules. *Ingredients must be supplied. 

Additional info:

A tincture is an excellent way to preserve the benefits of your placenta for a longer period of time. You may find your placenta tincture to be beneficial when your menstrual cycle returns and even for menopausal symptoms. A tincture is included with either package.

The raw foods method is our preferred choice in placenta encapsulation. This method dehydrates the placenta at a low heat to best preserve the enzymes and hormones. The typical placenta yields between 100-200 capsules. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our process, please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help and inform. 

We are happy to offer our clients the choice of where you would like your placenta processed.

Take advantage of our >>>Register Now, Pay Later<<< option. Please note payment will be due prior to the start of processing.