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Birth Boot Camp

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Natural childbirth classes for moms and dads to prepare as a team! The Birth Boot Camp curriculum is modern, up to date, and comprehensive, providing you with the best preparation for labor, birth, and your new recruit. 

Regular Cost: $395 (You can pay in full or opt to make a $50 deposit, with balance due on the first day of class.)

Private Classes: $425 with the same deposit option as group classes.

With Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Classes you can expect

  • Fun, up-to-date classes
  • Prenatal fitness & nutrition 
  • Comfort measures for labor, including relaxation
  • What to realistically expect
  • Choosing a birth place & team that match your philosophy
  • Modern research on VBAC, twins, and other useful information
  • Practical information for your postpartum care
  • Complete breastfeeding education
  • Life with your new recruit

Educational Options

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Springs Birth Boot Camp
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Additional Info

The upcoming live series is in Colorado Springs - exact location TBD - and lasts 10 weeks. (Up to 4 classes can be made up online, if needed!) It is best to begin between 20 & 30 weeks. Please understand, you get out of classes what you put in to classes. Many parents ask,

"Do I really need 10 weeks of education?"

The answer is simple. Your birth is worth the time!

 Private classes can also be arranged with more flexible schedule. Web based classes are also available!

Refresher Course is a 2 day class, geared towards parents who have already had a natural birth. Use this class to reconnect, refocus, and recommit! - Schedule a private refresher at your convenience or request to join a group.

Group Childbirth Class

February 8 - Aril 12, 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Colorado Springs

Private Classes

Offered in home and scheduled based on instructor - student availability