become a childbirth educator

Become a Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educator

Birth Boot Camp is a modern and accessible childbirth curriculum; fully designed with outlines, teaching tools, and more for instructors who want their students fully confident and prepared for natural birth and breastfeeding.

Parents who take Birth Boot Camp for their natural childbirth preparation receive THE MOST up to date and comprehensive education available!

As a childbirth educator passionate about instilling confidence and knowledge, The Birth Boot Camp curriculum was the perfect choice for me and is a paramount choice for any educator who wishes their students to be prepared with:

As your Birth Boot Camp Regional Instructor Trainer, I want you to feel confident in the curriculum you are choosing to empower your community with! Read about why I love Birth Boot Camp and please, don't hesitate to get in touch - I am happy to set up an info night, and can be reached to answer questions over the phone or by email.

From the research I’ve done, Birth Boot Camp is the most current, timely, holistic program available today, and I want to bring that kid of information and empowerment to mothers in my area.
— Future BBCI